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Bandit Battle 2015

FEBRUARY 14, 2015

ASTON, PA 19014

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Competition Fees  |  Spectator Admission  |  Bandit Battle Jump Off

The age of the competitor as of August 1, 2014 will be the age used for the registration of School, CYM, and Recreational divisions.

Coaches must maintain proof of grade or age documentation for their cheerleaders. If a coach wishes to challenge another cheerleader's age or grade, the challenging coach must submit the challenge in writing accompanied by a payment of $75.00 for each challenge to the Aston Athletic Association. The coach or association being challenged must submit proof of child's age and grade within three days of notice. If the challenging team is proven to be right, the $75.00 fee will be returned.

School teams including CYM, High, Middle/Junior High and Elementary Schools must provide grades of all athletes participating on the roster and have an administrator sign the team roster for accuracy.

Dance and Recreational teams must provide ages of all athletes participating on the roster and maintain copies of Birth Certificates, Passports.

***Recreational, Elementary, Middle/Junior High, and High School teams cannot compete in the All-Star category if they cheer for a school or organized team. * All Recreational and school squads must cheer for an organized sport as the sole purpose of these squads is to support an athletic team or association (football, soccer, basketball, etc.).

  • All participants must return a signed release form the day of the competition or they will not be permitted to compete.


  • Aston Athletic Association must have a minimum of three technical judges viewing routines from the front and one safety judge. All decisions by the judges are final
  • Qualifications: All judges must be currently unaffiliated with any participating squad in the division they are judging.
  • School/Recreational division judges must have experience with another major cheer company.
  • All-Star Judges must have previous experience judging at a USASF Tier one, two or three competition company.
  • Credentials should be submitted to the host of the competition and be available for viewing.


  • A 54' x 42' (9 strips) competition floor must cover the competition area and routines must be performed on that surface.
  • Following the updated National Federation ruling for schools; 2-1-7: The use of mini-tramps, springboards, spring-assisted floors or any height-increasing apparatus is illegal for use during performances/competitions. All stunts must be performed on surface of the mat.
  • All tumbling is to start and end on mats during competition. No beginning tumbling passes off the mat.
  • A practice area will be provided and designated by the host organization.

Competition Fees:

  • $140.00- CYM, School, and rec teams (2 coaches are free)
  • $100.00-exhibition dance or Cheerleading squads (2 coaches are free)
  • $10.00 - extra coach pass

    *All squads will compete on a 9 panel (54' x 42') non-spring floor.

All 1st place Ankle biter and Pee-Wee teams will receive medals. All COMPETING teams will receive free "Bandit Battle" t-shirts.

Clothing, food, and many other vendors will be available.

The deadline for all registration & payments is January 23, 2015.

Download Registration Form
Please send your registration and payment to:
127 W. Forestview Rd.
Brookhaven, PA 19015
Attn: John O'Donnell

Checks made payable to:
Aston Athletic Association

Spectator Admission:

Adults: $8.00
Children under 12: $5.00

  • Spectators will be allowed to videotape or photograph a team provided they use hand held cameras, remain in the stands and do not block the view of other spectators or interfere with the tournament. For the safety of the participants, please refrain from using flash photography. No contracted professional photographers are permitted.

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Bandit Battle Jump Off - (Rec Division only)

All cheerleaders PARENTS and COACHES will have the opportunity to enter our Jump off. The cost is $5.00 to register for this very fun event. They will be divided by age group and then will compete one at a time performing their best jump. Registration for the Jump off will be located directly outside of the cafeteria. Registration for the jump off will close about 3pm, we do ask that you can let the parents know now and ask that they could register their child as early as possible during the competition. And you did read correctly, for anyone who was here the past two years, we have had Moms, Coaches, and DADS! This year we would like to encourage all Parents and Coaches to join in!

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